Young Designers Underwear

Maredamare 2021

SOFIA SANCHEZ – USA, London College of Fashion
1° Classified TENDRIL

Tendril is a collection inspired by the textures and colours of the deep sea, particularly the tendrils of the jellyfish. It uses pleated georgette and organza to create an ethereal feeling, through sheer and voluminous silhouettes. It is designed to move when she walks, the lightness of the organza fluttering with the movement. The palette is nude, pale pink and charmeuse yellow, and features tonal and painterly hues. The lines and forms are organic like corals, shells and jellyfish. Lingerie is about femininity, and this collection is about a femininity that finds strength in embracing softness. In this age of feminism, we can embrace womanhood and independence together.

MAY PROTHERO – UK, London College of Fashion

I set out to explore what makes us human. I am not interested in the spiritual, but I am fascinated by the human machine. So many moving parts all perfectly in sync so that each of us can move with sentience. Through my collection, I explore different aspects of the human anatomy to create four rather different outfits with a strong common theme. I took much of my aesthetic inspiration from vintage medical illustration,the extreme detail and delicacy of the artwork became the detail for each of my pieces. Specifically, selecting and developing the illustration ‘AnatomiaMicrosopica:Sangus’for print featured by each outfit in the form of silk lining, marking their unification.

SINDONIA MERCIONIU – Romania University of Fine Art and Design Cluj Napoca

My collection is meant to be a representation of an inspirational book I have read, written by Aglaja Veteranyi. It is a book that combines comedy with tragedy, circus and surrealist influences, resulting into a piece of art perfectly fitted to my character. It is about finding happiness in madness, about finding freedom in isolation.